Guide on removing a Linux mdadm RAID1 array while preserving existing partition data, avoiding the need to reinstall or copy files around.

If you ever end up with a similar need, here is how I did it. It goes without saying that you should back up data before doing anything, otherwise you acce...

I recently migrated virtual machines from VMware ESXi to Proxmox VE, and hit a few quirks in the process. Here are my notes in case that may help.

Both VMware ESXi and Proxmox VE support OVF. The goal is to export a VM in OVF format from VMware ESXi and then import the OVF on Proxmox VE.

It’s been several years now that OVH offers dedicated hosting under 3 brands:

  • OVH itself, targeting high-end and enterprises willing to pay top $$$.
  • SoYouStart, for good hardware on a reasonable budget.
  • Kimsufi, the low-cost offering.

When spinning up a dedicated...