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Open Source Engineer • DevSecOps • Reliability

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Hi, I’m Nicolas. Pleased to meet you! 🧙🏻

I engineer automation so that we may focus on exciting challenges rather than repetitive and uninteresting frictions. My greatest disappointment is that it’s not automated yet, but it’ll happen eventually! 🤯

I believe in continuous improvement and open collaboration, doing my best to help wherever I can using a mix of technical and relational skills. I’m very good at breaking down complex systems/concepts and then synthesizing/communicating them.

I have assumed both crewmember and leadership positions, and most often both at the same time by sharing responsibilities within the team. I’ve been studying and working in international contexts for over 10 years and am convinced that diversity stimulates creative problem-solving. To me, the best team is made of autonomous individuals who know how to leverage each other: strong alone, stronger together 🤝

Key points
  • 9 years experience
  • Details and quality-oriented
  • Focused on continuous improvement
  • Natural ambassador

Additional options, bundled free of charge
  • Transparent & Upright
  • Gamer & Athlete
  • Built-in good mood infuser
  • Caramel shortbread secret recipe*

* Don’t ask, it’s secret**
** No, seriously***
*** Alright alright, I’ll yield if you say “please”. Bring it on 😋

Looking for some caramel shortbread?

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Isovalent Open Source Engineer • DevSecOps • Reliability Open source English

Jan. 2021 – ? Remote
  • Contributor to Cilium (CNCF), leading open-source eBPF-based Kubernetes CNI (networking, security, observability). All of my work on Cilium is public and conducted in open collaboration with the community via GitHub.
  • Focusing on reliability, automation and security (notably CI / CD).
  • Cloud providers administration (GCP / Azure / AWS).
  • Worldwide international team (all remote, coordinating in English over GitHub / Slack / Zoom).
  • Public speaking / tech talks / demos (~20-100 attendees).
DevSecOps / SRE
Kubernetes / Docker • GCP / Azure / AWS • GitHub Actions / Jenkins • Python / Bash • Helm / Terraform • System & network administration
Open Source
Code reviews • Security hardening • GitHub / Git workflows • Community management • Documentation maintenance

INSA Rennes Adjunct Professor Part-time

1 year 5 months Feb. 2020 – Jun. 2021 Rennes, France
  • Part-time contract, excercised in parallel of my main job.
  • Teaching of Object-Oriented Programming to engineering students (~25 per class).
  • Organizing thematic discovery conferences / sessions (~25-50 attendees).
  • Mentoring year-long engineering project (student team of ~6).

Sopra Steria DevOps Engineer

1 year 5 months Sep. 2019 – Jan. 2021 Rennes, France
  • Lead DevOps on a large project (~40 engineers) for an international telecom company.
  • Responsible for reliability & automation of CI / CD.
  • Kubernetes cluster administration (running on private IaaS virtual machines).
  • Frequent English speaking (international partners).
  • L3 incident response (emergencies and critical incidents), maintaining / repairing computer and network systems.
Kubernetes / Docker • Python / Bash • GitLab CI / Jenkins • Helm / Ansible • Prometheus / Grafana • System & network administration
Tech lead
Team coordination (including international partners) along with architect and lead devs • Assisting / mentoring developers • Establishing architecture / tools / best practices
Java (Spring) • MySQL / Oracle

Script&Go 4 years 8 months Feb. 2015 – Sep. 2019

Lead Software Engineer English

2 years 6 months Apr. 2017 – Sep. 2019 Rennes, France
  • Technical lead on an international SaaS product, coordinating a team of 7 developers.
  • Bridge with the business, marketing and commercial departments.
  • English speaking on a daily basis (international team).
  • L3 incident response (emergencies and critical incidents), maintaining / repairing computer and network systems.
Tech lead
Team coordination • Assisting / mentoring developers • Establishing architecture / tools / best practices • Business & functional analysis
Java (Spring Boot) • C# / WPF • C++ • MariaDB / CouchDB
Docker • Python • GitLab CI / Jenkins • System & network administration

Software Engineer

2 years 3 months Feb. 2015 – Apr. 2017 Rennes, France
  • Development of tailor-made business applications facilitating data input and reporting.
  • Setting up continuous integration / deployment processes, automating various tasks.
  • Gradually started to handle customer relationships (support, business & functional analysis), customer training (~10 trainees per session), and internal team coordination (small scale project management).
  • L1 / L2 incident response (regular customer support and in-depth troubleshooting), maintaining / repairing computer and network systems.
C# / WPF • CouchDB
Docker • Python • Jenkins • System & network administration

INSA Rennes Diplôme d’Ingénieur (French Engineer’s Degree + European Master’s Degree)

2010 – 2015 Rennes, France
  • Public engineering school. Preparatory classes in general engineering (2 years), then specialization in Software Engineering / Computer Science / Computer Systems & Networks (3 years).
  • International section: half-foreign half-french work pairs. Strong emphasis on humanities (communication, cultural & social aspects) and extra-curricular activities (personal projects, volunteering, etc.).
  • Graduated with title of Ingénieur Diplômé (Graduate Engineer) in 2015 (EQF level 7), as well as a European Master’s Degree.

Note: in France, this title is regulated by law, and is separate from a European Master’s Degree (an Ingénieur Diplômé is automatically conferred a European Master’s Degree, but not the other way around). See Wikipedia article for more information.

Linköpings Universitet Erasmus Programme • European Master’s Degree Erasmus English

2014 – 2015 Linköping, Sweden
  • Erasmus European exchange programme in one of the largest Swedish universities.
  • Courses in English (EQF level 7): Software Engineering / Computer Science / Computer Systems & Networks

Luleå Tekniska Universitet Erasmus Programme • European Bachelor’s Degree Erasmus English

2012 Luleå, Sweden
  • Erasmus European exchange programme in a Swedish technological university.
  • Courses in English (EQF level 6): Computer Science / Computer Systems & Networks / Mathematics & Statistics

Fields of expertise

Things I’m confident I can handle at a moment’s notice. For anything else, give me a couple of days to get (back) into it 💪🏻


Kubernetes • Docker • Helm


GitHub Actions • GitHub Apps


Go • Python • git (“git wizard”)

Best practices

Incremental adaptations • Code sharing / reviews • Security & reliability

Ambassador • Advocate

Seasoned public speaker • Tech talks / professional training

Information processing

Deep analysis and synthesis • Tailoring to interlocutors

Coordination • Leadership

Sharing responsibilities • Assisting / mentoring • Decision-making


Emergencies and time-sensitive operations • Post-mortem analyses

Extra-professional activities

Computer software/hardware enthusiast, weightlifter, and gamer: my spare time is dedicated to my hobbies and related activities. I contribute to various open-source projects, mainly through GitHub, and most of my personal projects are open source and public. Open source benefits humankind as a whole: it is proof that we can do awesome stuff together, and I take pride in promoting its values – sharing, open collaboration, transparency.

Valheim Contributor • Modder Mod Video game

2024 – ? Website
  • Author of several mods for Iron Gate’s video game Valheim.
  • Contributor to the modding ecosystem, helping with various mods I use.
C# • Unity • BepInEx
Reverse engineering
dnSpy • HarmonyX

Beyond All Reason Contributor • Community Video game

2023 – ? Website GitHub
  • Open source RTS video game descended from Total Annihilation, based on the Recoil game engine (formerly SpringRTS).
  • Contributors team member, mainly working on the FFA mode.
Lua • C++

Hades Contributor • Modder Mod Video game

2021 – ? GitHub
  • Author of Hephaistos, a modding tool for Supergiant Games’ video game Hades adding support for ultrawide monitors (21:9, 32:9), multi-monitor (48:9), Steam Deck (16:10), and custom resolutions.
  • Contributor to the Hades and Hades II modding ecosystem, notably tooling and automation.
Lua • Python • C++
Reverse engineering

Grav Contributor Software Plugin

2020 – ? GitHub
  • Flat-file content management system, extensible via plugins.
  • I use it to power this very website and contribute to the Grav ecosystem (both core, official plugins, and third-party plugins) on a regular basis.
PHP (Symfony) • Twig

Flex Time Fitness Coach

2016 – ?
  • Mentoring friends and coworkers (~10 persons) either starting out or reaching specific goals.
  • Ad-hoc adaptations depending on trainee, objectives, and results / challenges.
  • Planning and tracking progress.

Stunfest Network Team Lead / Consultant

2013 – 2018 Website
  • Video games festival of European scale (12,000 visitors over 3 days) in “Le Liberté” concert hall in Rennes city centre.
  • Network team lead from 2013 to 2016, then consultant on the network team from 2016 to 2018.
  • Responsible for the reliability of an high-speed upstream for high-quality streaming of about a dozen simultaneous broadcasts.
Planning • VLAN • iptables • tc • OpenVPN • ISC DHCP

InsaLan Network / Broadcaster / Webmaster

2012 – 2016 Website
  • eSports competition of national scale (more than 400 contestants).
  • Successive roles between 2012 and 2016: webmaster, broadcaster (live streaming and match commentary), and network (technical installation, Internet access).
  • From 2016 to 2020, annual participation as competitor on League of Legends. Best result: 2nd in 2018!
Planning • VLAN • iptables • tc • OpenVPN • ISC DHCP
Open Broadcaster Software • Match commentary
HTML5 / CSS3 • PHP • MySQL • JavaScript


Always open to discuss and share my passions! 🚀


Coaching • Weightlifting • Nutrition


GPU • CPU • Monitors • Custom PC building • Mechanical keyboards

Video games

Path of Exile • Deep Rock Galactic • Helldivers


League of Legends competitive scene • Tournaments


Pink Floyd • Dream Theater • Carpenter Brut

Science fiction

Blade Runner • La Horde du Contrevent • Isaac Asimov

Humour of variable quality

La Classe Américaine • OSS 117

Advertising space

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